3 Trends to up your Brow Game in 2022

December 23, 2021

2022 is right around the corner and we couldn’t be more ready to welcome in the New Year and all it has in store for brows and beauty. With big, beautiful and brushed up brows dominating the red carpets of 2021, what eyebrow styles will emerge on the brow scene in the New Year? We’ve consulted with the Brau Artists to find out what new trends we can expect, and what’s here to stay, for 2022.  

The Fluffy Brow

If there’s one thing we can be certain of, it’s that fluffy brows are here to stay. Emerging trends, however, seem to lean towards a more natural and less dense look – think minimal use of eyebrow products to give that ‘no-makeup, makeup look’ for brows. Soft and subtle edges characterise this look, with brows in 2022 set to move away from the precision and definition that we’ve seen in previous brow trends.  

For those less practiced in this style, a subtle ‘Brau Filler’ may be the answer to keep brows perfect and fluffy yet natural and minimal. We also recommend for those not as blessed with naturally full and fluffy brows to undertake a brow regrowth programme – the quiet month of January is the perfect time to get working on growing those brows out, and with a little help along the way from products such as the M2 Eyezone Conditioning Care Complex you’ll be ‘fluffy brow’ ready in no time.

The Flat Brow

Think Kendall Jenner at the Met Gala – the straight brow originated in Korea and is characterised by fuller brows with a minimal pronunciation of the arch. This trend is suited mainly to those with longer, oval shaped faces, and it is recommended to visit a premium brow bar such as Brau Studio before opting for this style, in order to have an experienced brow specialist assess your suitability and to perform the treatment (when it comes to adjusting eyebrow shapes or removing hairs from the top of the brow, aways go to a professional!).

The Brushed Up Brow

Another brow trend that’s not going anywhere in 2022, the laminated brow has been  phenomenally popular in recent years, and is one we’re all glad is sticking around. This is such an easy treatment to work with, a quick 40 minute treatment every 6 weeks and your brows will brush into shape effortlessly and stay put in your desired style all day long.

A good eyebrow gel can act as a quick fix between lamination treatments – our artists highly recommend the HD Brows ‘Brow Glue’  with its unmatched staying power, this is more than just a brow gel, and will ensure your brows won’t budge all day!

Book in for your complimentary consultation with one of our Brau experts today, for a personalised recommendation of the perfect treatment for you, and get ahead of the game with on-trend brows – just in time for 2022.

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